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Commercial Pest Control:

Q. Are the chemicals used safe?
A. Yes, all of the materials we use are extremely safe when used in accordance with product specifications.

Q. Why should I have a pest management program?
A. A pest management program will not only prevent pest related problems from occurring, but also assist in maintaining your business reputation, ensuring 100 per cent satisfaction with customers and auditors.

Q. Will the treatment affect my staff and daily running of business?
A. In most cases NO, Eco Safe use the safest control methods available, which generally, will not  affect your business.

Domestic Pest Control:

Q. Will my pets be affected by the products used?
A. There is no concern to the safety of animals as the amount of product they may intake is extremely small and non-threatening to their health.

Q. Can I be home when my house is sprayed?
Yes, it is however recommended that pregnant women, children under the age of 10 years and people with respiratory problems vacate the premises for 3-4 hours.

Q. How long will having my house sprayed last?
A. We offer a six-month warranty, however treatment generally lasts 12 months.

Q. Is it worthwhile having my house sprayed as a preventative measure?
A. Yes, having your house sprayed as a preventative measure will stop pest related problems from occurring in the future and becoming out of control.

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